Side return

Side return extensions are enjoying a huge growth in popularity amongst our clients, due to their cost-effectiveness and the smaller scale nature of the job. They allow families to maximize their home’s space and value by simply using the space in the alleyway area at the side of their property. Many families looking to create a home extension are often hampered by the fact that their garden space is at a premium and they do not wish to reduce it. A side return extension, however, uses what is often dead space to the side of a property, opening up corridors, under-stairs space or other so-called ‘dead’ areas of the home so as to create one open space. While your home’s side alley may seem small, it can make a big difference to your interior dimensions.

Wrap around

Wrap around extension is ideal if you really want to maximize the space available in your home – perfect if you want a lot more space but don’t want the cost or stress of moving house. They incorporate both a rear extension and a side return extension to create an L-shaped space that wraps around your home, creating additional space on two sides. If your family is growing and you need more living space, a wrap around extension can give you this by taking a bit of space from your garden and using the dead space in your property’s side alleyway. This helps to create new space while simultaneously making use of otherwise ‘wasted’ space such as corridors or under stairs. This can make a big difference to your home, giving you space for your expanding family as well as for entertaining and socializing.

Rear extensions

Rear extensions allow families to bring their home out at the rear, creating more space at the back of the house and opening out on to their garden or patio. They are usually built on to houses where there is no option for a side return extension and often create space for a larger, open plan kitchen area. If your family is growing, you may need more space but probably don’t want the hassle and cost of moving house – particularly with the competitive nature of the UK housing market. A rear extension will grant you more precious space by allowing you to make a roomier kitchen, dining and living area with fantastic, almost seamless access to your garden. You’ll have all of the extra living space you need while adding value to your property.

Double storey

Double storey or two storey extensions create the most space in your home, giving twice the space of other types of extension. They open up a huge amount of space (whether as a side return, rear or wrap-around extension) as they run across two floors, allowing families an increase in their living space as well as additional room upstairs for an extra bedroom or perhaps an en-suite for the master bedroom. As your family grows, you may find yourself needing more space than your house can accommodate. However, moving house in UK can be expensive and stressful, with high competition for every single property. A double storey extension allows you to create more space both upstairs and downstairs, as well as adding value to your property overall.

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