You’re desperate to convert your grubby loft into something magical, but funds were sparse and now the winter is here, surely you would be out of your mind to consider starting the conversion when it’s so cold outside, right..? Wrong. Sometimes, the winter is exactly the right time to convert your loft, and here are five reasons why!.

  1. You could start saving sooner.

Who needs another lousy winter where all of the heat keeps escaping through the windows and roof? Don’t be a victim to poor insulation and get your loft conversion done as soon as possible. The sooner you can keep all of the heat trapped inside your house, the sooner you can start saving on your energy bills which are burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. You have a better chance of booking a loft conversion.

If you don’t conform to the idea that all loft conversions have to be done in the summer then you’re more likely to be able to book a time that better suits you! Many people, like you, believe that the winter months would be an inconvenience to start on a conversion and that leaves many companies with loads of slots to fill! Contact us now!

  1. Are British winters actually that bad?

Let’s be honest, our winters aren’t that cold and our summers definitely aren’t that hot. We might get 10 days throughout the year that are actually worth talking about (try as we might to talk about the weather every day), so why not get your loft conversions done in the winter? It’s the builder’s job to know the proper way to do the loft conversion no matter what the climate is like.

  1. Heat loss is prevented through proper sealing prior to construction.

All proper conversion companies will not let your energy bills rise anymore in the winter than what they are in the summer. They will seal a loft conversion prior to doing exterior work which means that all that heat will no longer be able to escape! You might also worry that your house will be colder whilst the work is being done, and although it might be slightly colder than usual, a good conversion company will secure your home against heat loss as well as they can.

  1. Enjoy the summer more!

Why waste a summer worrying about a loft conversion when you can get it done in the winter and have the whole summer to enjoy yourself and make the most of whatever your loft conversion will become! No matter whether it be a sumptuous bedroom, a gym, office or even an indoor garden (whatever tickles your fancy).